“Little Troopers is an extended family for our two boys! We drop them off in the morning knowing that they will be nurtured and cared for as if they were at home, but they are also forming new friendships, exploring and learning with staff who take the time to know what they‘ll love, and they return home fizzing over with tales of their day! Our family couldn’t ask for more.”

“Little Troopers is a happy nursery with warm and friendly staff who really care about the children. Both our boys have enjoyed their time there and made special friendships.”

“Little Troopers is an exceptionally nurturing environment for our children. We are lucky to have it in Oxford. I love bringing my daughter to this happy house with wonderful staff. Thierry cooks healthy real food and the kids love it.”

“Our baby-son has now been at Little Troopers for 6 months. He settled in very quickly and looks forward to his two days there each week. The staff are very friendly and conscientious and we always have complete confidence in his well-being whilst he is there.”

“I just wanted to say how much we appreciate everything you do at Little Troopers. The children are very happy and learn such a lot. They feel secure and loved. Every staff member that I meet shows such care and attention to their needs, and I love the fact that they get varied, healthy home cooked meals too! Doing childcare well is one of the hardest jobs in the world (I often find it harder than working in the neonatal intensive care unit!), and you guys are doing it so well. Sometimes there isn’t a particular time to show appreciation, and I just wanted to make sure you knew it’.”

“Little Troopers is wonderful. The staff are sunny, loving, meticulous and with tireless energy. They know each child intimately and talk about them with pride and delight. My daughter is now in the top group and comes back at the end of every day full of beans, feverishly recounting parts of her day. She can’t wait to get back there in the morning. It also feels incredibly secure. I am so thankful for what they have given my daughter and look forward to sending my second one there. (Given how many cuddles she already gets from the staff I think she won’t take long to settle in.)”

“Little Troopers is a very special nursery. All staff go out of their way to treat children as individuals and make them feel welcome, secure and stimulated. Our daughter has been here for two years and she couldn’t be happier”

“Rebecca and the staff team at Little Troopers are fantastic, friendly, well qualified individuals who really encourage, guide and support the children in everything they do. They keep parents updated and reassured of children’s progress. My daughter has attended for 3 years and had flourished no end thanks to the staff and brilliant environment they have here.”

“Both my daughters have thrived at Little Troopers during the time they have spent in the nursery’s care. I am sure this is due in large part to the dedication of the staff, who have shown genuine concern for their wellbeing and progress throughout their years at nursery. I have felt confident that my daughters are very well looked after, with a warm and caring approach. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the nursery to other parents. It’s a lovely place.”

“All the staff at Little Troopers really love the children. At the end of the day we always hear stories about the funny things they have done, or things they have done for the first time. When we get this feedback the affection the girls key workers have for them shines through. The girls love doing all the creative and crazy activities. I don’t know where all the ideas come from but they are brilliant: outdoor story-telling, body painting, exploring ice with glitter in, and many more. The food is great and the girls love Thierry. They eat healthy meals and snacks and all the children in each room sit down to eat together so they will often try new things. In fact, I think they eat better at nursery than they do at home! I think the nursery is preparing Beatrix really well for school. She is very sociable and comfortable with other children. She has also developed skills such as listening, sharing and being kind to her friends.”

“Little Troopers feels like a cosy family home. It is a small nursery embedded in the local community. Both our son and daughter felt at home from day one.”

“Both of our boys have really enjoyed the care provided by little troopers (six years apart). The over the years the personnel may have changed, but the ethos remained as positive, caring and unique as it has always been. Our eldest had been to other nurseries and we’ve looked around even more, and what we found was disinterested and disengaged staff and bored children – the fear of a parent who had to work and leave children elsewhere. This is definitely not true of little troopers. It’s the best.”

“We have had little troopers in our lives 2 days a week since our eldest daughter started in 2012. She is now nearly 6 and our youngest daughter who is nearly 3, has been there since 12 months. We have absolutely loved it and so have the girls. Wonderful warm and compassionate staff who genuinely care about the children and because of the size of the nursery form warm, loving relationships. Great food, lovely environment and responsive care. We would not hesitate to recommend Little Troopers.”

“Eva has been at Little Troopers since her 1st birthday and has felt at home there ever since. She has formed strong attachments to staff who have supported her development at every key stage with encouragement and compassion. She has made important friendships and has had a lot of fun with creative play. She especially enjoys the garden. Thank you!”

“Little Troopers is an absolute gem! When I first looked at nurseries for my son I was full of apprehension at the prospect of leaving him with complete strangers. However, the nursery staff are now our extended family! From the very beginning Rebecca and the nursery team have been so supportive. Our son has grown from being shy and reserved to truly thriving. It has been such a relief to find a nursery where the staff really care about the children, like they are their own. I always feel totally reassured that my son will have an amazing day in a safe, secure and loving environment while I am at work.”