A message from Rebecca Warner of Little Troopers Day Nursery:

Little Troopers Day Nursery is right at the heart of the community in East Oxford. When I established the nursery a decade ago, I never guessed just how many local parents would choose us or recommend us to others. It’s been wonderful to see new generations of children join us and to hear of their progress when they eventually go on to school.

Originally, 13 Stanley Road was the nursery that my own son attended. When I heard that the owner was no longer able to keep it open, I knew that I must take action myself.  I was pregnant with my second child and I wanted my new baby to follow in their brother’s footsteps. The nursery really had been such a fundamental part of his early life and had been a warm and welcoming home from home.

So that’s when the adventure began. I set up Little Troopers and continued the approach adopted by my predecessor of small groups, highly committed staff and lots of exciting activities.

The best way of discovering what our nursery is all about is by visiting. Please do get in touch, as we’d love to show you around.